WattMetrics data API

This API is currently an early beta version.  Please contact WattMetrics if you would like to participate.  We would would like to gather as much feedback as we can, so please feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions.

Full documentation with more examples and client sample code will be available on the WattMetrics website at a later date.

The API supports SOAP and REST interfaces for retrieving project- and portfolio-level data. 

SOAP WSDL documents are available at:




Service specification documents for the REST interface are available at:





All requests to the API must include a portfolio- or project-level authentication key (demonstration credentials are available below).  Tools for managing those keys will be available soon via the WattMetrics projects portal.  Until those tools are available, please contact us if you would like to test the API with your project data.

REST response formatting

The REST interface automatically adjusts its response format to value of the incoming HTTP request Accept header.  If no Accept header is specified, the default response format is JSON. 

For example: If the HTTP GET request to the API includes the following Accept header, "Accept: application/json;" the API response will be formatted as JSON.  If that same request also includes a "callback=" parameter, the response will be formatted as JSONP. 

Responses to requests specifying "application/xml", "application/xhtml+xml" or "application/atom+xml" will be formatted as XML.

Demonstration data and credentials for testing

Please see the REST services specification documents listed above for examples of full request syntax.  To issue a request to the API, plug the values specified below into the request syntax templates provided by the operation descriptions in the service specifications:

demonstration portfolio id = 4B093054-86A9-4D56-8C7A-9E33DC3A7890

demonstration portfolio authkey = 9C4CC3F6-175D-48A0-BBBD-247D31125E18

authkey for all demonstration projects = 69630799-B92A-4E42-9D64-059085A7D936 

For example, to list all projects in the demonstration portfolio:


To get 15-minute production totals for a project: